Coaching One on One

Amy capitalises on her deep knowledge of how to powerfully influence. She will work with you to change behavioural habits ensuring you are bringing your best self to the table. She will show you how easy it is to step past any current limitations, into a space where you lead with courage, conviction and conscious practice. Her models will propel you to be the leader you have worked so hard to be, the leader that people want to follow. Amy works best with leaders who want to excel. 

One on one coaching over a 4 month period ($6000ex).

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Recent Testimonials

Amy is truly a leader in her approach to personal strategy, authenticity, and influence. Her approach is one of engaging calmness and her ability to identify and work through the "real" issues is remarkable.  I have been fortunate enough to one-on-one work with Amy for an extended period and the empowerment, skills, and lessons that I've taken away from Amy's mentorship have had a profoundly positive impact across both my professional and personal life (Director)

I worked with Dr Amy Silver from November 2016 and gained immense insight into the professional and personal barriers holding me back from achieving true success. Amy’s style is incredibly warm while persuasive and Amy was able to quickly identify my deep seeded fears and desires that have influenced my current state of happiness in both my professional and personal life. In the space of 6 sessions Amy gifted me with several powerful tools for self-reflection, building confidence and long term positive thinking that have enabled me to see the world in a much brighter light. Today I am more positive than ever and the satisfaction and fulfillment I have in all aspects of my life are a direct result of Amy’s intervention. I also possess greater perspective and clarity on what is most important to me thanks to my sessions with Amy (Senior Executive)

I started working with Amy as a way to support me through a major change piece at work. The changes required me to elevate my strategic thinking even higher and focus on the ways in which to influence a complicated network of stakeholders. Throughout the process I gained consciousness of my behaviour and thinking that really enabled me to step out of the day to day and think what was best for the firm and for me. As a consequence to working with Amy I feel that I am in more control and able to better direct my energy which has in turn minimised stress and increased time management skills. I am feeling a lot more confident and wouldn’t have taken on a recent promotion without the guidance and philosophy provided by Amy. Thank you! (Head of People and Culture)

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