Amy has 30 and 45 minute prepared keynotes. She is warm, engaging and entertaining. She focuses the audience on the importance of human growth and she creates the space for reflection. She will make your audience think and connect with each other, priming them for behavioural activation and stretch.

"She is indeed an inspiring presenter - intelligent, kind, entertaining and humble. Her message is both disarming and profound, entirely practical and applicable. I immediately acted upon Amy's advice (as is her intent) and myself and my team have since been rewarded in spades. Excuse the somewhat effusive recommendation, but I cannot speak highly enough of Amy and her messages." David, Head of Sales


THE SAFE SPACE : where growth happens

Psychological safety is paramount for innovation, diversity of thought, connection with our work, effective conversations and closing the gap between what we could do and what we actually do. It is the foundation from which we can give our best. We must also be growth mindset in order to stretch and prosper into VUCA spaces where we need to foster flexibility to remain relevant. How are you doing this? How to you aide it? In what way is your culture disabling brilliance?  In what way is your behaviour disabling the brilliance of yourself or others? This talk is crucial for those working in agile and creative teams, those who need to call on the excellence of each other to create a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. This talk has a parallel program called THE SAFE SPACE and Amy is currently writing the book The Safe Space: Where growth happens.

Death to the performance review! : get more human! 

Performance reviews are an antiquated way to keep an eye on people growth. In our increasingly low touch, fast paced world it is easy to become reliant on process rather than people, technology rather than conversations. As a people leader who wants to make a difference, influencing and empowering people to grow is how you will fulfil your goals and your purpose. Those who understand how to connect with their colleagues through conversations, how to create growth in others will achieve performance strength and active engagement. If we want to stay relevant in times of increased automation, we need to foster and build our unique human skill set. Let’s get more human with our performance reviews.

"Get More Human" was thought provoking, informative and engaging. Our guests (including me) loved the session and found it greatly beneficial. In fact we have already locked Amy back into the diary for another client event this month" Jeremy, Director


Rapport, influence, communication

Your audience will understand how to maximise opportunities to create quality relationships and conversations. There are solutions to building rapport effectively that centre around our ability to lead and concede. This keynote describes the 9 skills that underlie the creation of trust so that we create opportunity in every conversation.

"I recently attended a keynote address from Amy on 'Trust - the currency of growth'. This greatly resonated with my experiences as an advisor but in no way could I have conveyed the message as succinctly and as eloquently as Amy. It was a message I wanted all my staff to hear so I engaged Amy to re-run her message as a workshop within our business. Staff were amazed and wanted more. Amy's message on trust, both externally to clients, but more importantly internally with colleagues, will now drive future positive behaviours within our business. Where trust is high, the partnership between stakeholders is creative, efficiency is high and growth is rapid. Doesn't this make business easier? A must watch presentation" Chris, Principal


Influence, self development, bravery

This keynote inspires people to focus on their influence skills and centers on conviction, courage and consciousness of practice. The audience will leave with an understanding of how to tap into their most powerful behaviour and thinking styles. This keynote will help people tap into their power, celebrate themselves and fire themselves to go stronger and harder towards their goals!