Amy understands how to help people bring all they have to the table. She can quickly see how people limit themselves and in a non-threatening way, pushes them to give more. We have seen revenue increase by 37% YTD. In addition to this staff engagement has dramatically increased and attendance has been the best it’s seen since the business inception. Due to the dramatic uplift in all areas, we as a business have committed to use Amy for the whole of 2017.


We engaged Amy to help us understand the blocks and strengths for our growing business. Amy conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders across our business, and with each Partner. She created a comprehensive report which highlighted the critical issues that needed progress and decisions. This meant when we met for our Partner strategy day, we were in a good position to cut through to needed actionable items rather than spending time on a review.  She facilitated our strategy enabling us to talk through our ideas, concerns and what we need to aim for in order for our business to continue in its succession. Because of our work with Amy we are now in a position to move forward in our succession plan and ensure that each step to achieve our goals are met.


Amy Silver is a rare combination of heart and head. She is a world class thinker and author on the art and science of influence, and how that applies to leadership and communication. She’s been to Oxford University, and has a Dr. in front of her name, so you have to be impressed with her credentials. But much more than that, she is one of the most generous souls you will ever meet, and a person of deep wisdom. She walks her talk, and shows up everywhere in her world with authenticity and courage (and occasionally with a mischievous glint in her eye). If you get a chance to work with Amy, you’d be mad not to take it.


Amy has worked with our next generation of leaders, and everyone involved enthusiastically participated in the program.  Amy's material is focused on personal change for professional excellence through coaching and group training which demands exploration of self. Amy's presentation style is relaxed and engaging, and she makes it easy to participate. She also encourages participants to "get out of their comfort zone" and be involved - this assists with reinforcing the learning. She has an ability to create relationships quickly with bright leaders. Her depth of knowledge of psychology, human behaviour, emotional intelligence, business, and change is excellent. I personally found Amy's material to be extremely useful and very much enjoyed participating in the coaching workshops. I have since used the learning’s with good effect. I would recommend using Amy's services particularly where you are wanting to develop leadership and build and enhance the culture in the organisation.


Without hesitation I recommend and endorse Amy Silver. Amy remains one of the most approachable and professional facilitator I have come across. She effortlessly puts participants and equally clients at ease with her application of psychology and gets the most out of everyone in the room. She commands respect and attention and I would welcome Amy to lead and get the greatest outcome possible for any projects she has lead on.


From time to time Amy and I worked closely together and I have to say what an absolute delight she has been to work with. She is incredibly honest and trustworthy. She takes immense pride in her work and is dedicated to producing quality outcomes. A great team player who acts with integrity at all times.


Amy has a science based approach, yet also has an approachable and personable manner that achieves great outcomes for those she coaches or those involved in facilitation sessions.

As a coach, Amy has a skill at being able to truly empathise and understand differing situations quickly. Empathising to a degree that evokes trust, however does not show bias. She uses her understanding of situations and context to recommend advice and a framework of thinking that empowers people to act on situations rationally, without losing a sense of self.

As a facilitator, Amy has an exceptional toolkit of facilitation techniques that she applies effectively across multiple types of topics and challenges. Having been a participant as well as an initiator of facilitation sessions, she has a gift for distilling complex issues into a set of structured and chronological exercises that summarises key issues and presents recommendations


Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Amy was a highly respected clinical psychologist in Oxford UK. Amongst other things, she contributed two excellent chapters to a book I co-edited (the Oxford Guide to Behavioural Experiments in Cognitive Therapy, 2004).


Amy is an extraordinarily perceptive practitioner and facilitator, able to get to the nub of people's concerns, needs, and wants, rapidly and elegantly. Quietly confident and assured, she is never overbearing, yet provides strong and certain guidance to help people navigate their way to a more fulfilling professional and personal life. Her light touch, yet robust psychological approach, is a delight to observe and experience.


Amy's profile tells you everything you need to know about her skills, professionalism and expertise. I verify all of those things, but would like to add what she is like to work with - as often that is the thing that determines the success of a project. 
Amy is engaged, interested and inquisitive. She brings energy, enthusiasm and proactive drive, delivering work with clarity, intelligent analysis and a good dose of common sense. She is a joy to work with.


We recently worked with Amy to help us determine our strategic direction. How glad we were to have Amy. She helped us design the discussion guide and moderated groups with professionalism so that we got what we needed. She was outstanding, focused, efficient and really took the time to understand what were were trying to achieve. 


Most of our tutors are consultant clinical psychologists and Amy worked for us as a Tutor in the UK, tutoring our courses on a consultancy basis, meaning that we were never committed to offering her another course to tutor. In fact we offered Amy as many as she would do - she is charismatic, conscientious, knowledgeable and a fun person to lead groups. If you have the opportunity to work with Amy as a facilitator for your groups, I would take it!


Amy and I worked together at Forethought. Without question, Amy is one of the most psychologically present, calm, disarming and clear thinking people I have come across in business. Amy used these traits and her depth knowledge of clinical psychology to coach and mentor several colleagues to attain great outcomes. Amy is also an outstanding qualitative researcher. I recommend Amy to any executive looking for a credentialed, scientific thinker to add value to talent and consumer insights functions.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr Amy Silver for the past ten years. Throughout this time she has provided ongoing, invaluable professional support to myself and my clinical team to unlock conviction-based, fearless leadership and build trust, quickly, for effective patient-practitioner rapport. 
Dr Amy Silver has mastered the science and art of bringing out the 'brave' in you. I highly recommend her if you're looking to increase the impact you have on your team and clients.


I recently attended a keynote address from Amy on 'Trust - the currency of growth'. This greatly resonated with my experiences as an advisor but in no way could have I conveyed the message as succinctly and as eloquently as Amy. It was a message I wanted all my staff to hear so I engaged Amy to re-run her message as a workshop within our business. Staff were amazed and wanted more. Amy's message on trust, both externally to clients but more importantly internally with colleagues, will now drive future positive behaviours within our business. Where trust is high, the partnership between stakeholders is creative, efficiency is high and growth is rapid. Doesn't this make business easier? A must watch presentation.


Working with Amy was a fantastic experience. She challenged the thinking I had traditionally had about myself, enabling me to use a different approach to my work. She also helped me with tools that I'd not used before in managing my team which produced great results!


Amy is truly a leader in her approach to personal strategy, authenticity, and influence. Her approach is one of engaging calmness and her ability to identify and work through the "real" issues is remarkable. 
I have been fortunate enough to one-on-one work with Amy for an extended period and the empowerment, skills, and lessons that I've taken away from Amy's mentorship have had a profoundly positive impact across both my professional and personal life.


After participating in Amy's "Growing Leaders" course I was left feeling confident and empowered to become a great leader. Amy's course is different because it does more than simply give a few 'fish'/resources, it motivates you in a way that promotes ongoing development. Amy's approach is unique in the professional world (due to her background in clinical psychology), which allows for a meaningful reflection of your strengths, weaknesses and performance. Highly recommended.


Amy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to facilitation, mentoring and consulting. I have loved working with her across a number of projects and I value and admire her patient and creative approach to everything she does. She is particularly skilled in ensuring group conversations achieve convergence and making everyone feel part of the process.


Amy is one of the warmest and engaging people I have had the pleasure to work with. She has the ability to focus interactions away from professional distance into the close and personal. Which is in fact a great professional skill to have!


I've known Amy for many years and this is possibly the easiest recommendation I have had to write. Amy is a true professional and expert in her field, she has the ability to really understand the root cause of issues and develop tailored solutions based on the need or either an individual or business. Amy is someone you should have in your network and if you have the opportunity to work Amy I would recommend you take it!


Amy’s ability to understand, engage & motivate individuals is second to none. I was fortunate enough to witness and benefit from her expertise; evolving different skills with a number of different team members. Amy is professional, driven & truly outcome focused.


Amy Silver has many strengths including clarity of thought and the ability to co-ordinate a variety of thoughts and ideas into an understandable and deliverable strategy. Aside from her calm approach, Amy has the ability to "keep things on track", so important in businesses where time means money. I would recommend Amy as a first choice strategy coordinator and business advisor.


Amy combines a rigorous and scientific approach to psychology and performance, with a creative mind and a warm interpersonal style. She was absolutely central to the success of Threshold in the UK and Europe.


I was fortunate enough to be an audience member at Dr. Amy's presentation about bravery at Crowe Horwath a few months back. She is indeed an inspiring presenter - intelligent, kind, entertaining and humble. Her message is both disarming and profound, entirely practical and applicable. I immediately acted upon Amy's advice (as is her intent) and myself and my team have since been rewarded in spades. Excuse the somewhat effusive recommendation, but I cannot speak highly enough of Amy and her messages.


Amy is a great change facilitator. She brings a rare combination of cognitive behaviour skills and design expertise to deliver personal change interventions for intact teams and individuals and has worked extensively with individual leaders and teams to flex and change their styles in order to develop creatively and professionally.


Amy facilitated open discussions on difficult workplace issues.


Amy is an incredibility skilled and gifted facilitator. Amy is passionate about what she does and has an incredible knack of bring the best out in teams, ensuring every member is heard and encouraged to participate. I only have great things to say about Amy, she is a joy to work with.


I am fortunate to have worked with Amy and witnessed her consistent impact on individuals and teams. Amy demonstrated an ability to apply her unique experience and expertise to drive improved business outcomes; more specifically, to: a) facilitate a broad range of group settings to positive outcomes, which I believe were of higher quality (inducing client deliverables) and more efficient because of Amy's direction, and b) coach individuals, from graduates to management, internal and client facing, to marked improvements in communication, presence, self awareness and productivity.


Amy engages on a personal level and creates an environment where people feel comfortable to learn, experiment and grow.


Amyis informative and demonstrates a deep level of expertise in the Psychology and application of human communication. Valuable for anyone who wants to grow and become more influential in leading people.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Amy Silver as a close colleague, facilitator and coach. She is a fantastic person to provide insight and feedback into what the team is trying to achieve. Amy approaches things with a scientific and strategic mind however maintains a clear focus on people which allows her to build strong rapport and relationships. Amy is an exceptional facilitator with the ability to listen, educate and assist people with growth and strategy. She has worked with potential leaders and effectively coaches them in how to be influential and self-aware. Amy has a rare talent in that she presents professionally and confidently yet remains approachable so she can build trust and confidence from her group.


Amy is a fantastic speaker, coach and facilitator. She inspires all people who work with her to be their best. I have worked with Amy for a number of years and really enjoy her facilitation style. I would highly recommend Amy.


Dr Amy Silver helped me with the writing of Be Bulletproof: How to Achieve Success in Tough Times at Work. She was helpful, insightful and full of useful ideas and interesting observations. Amy was easy to work with and a great colleague.


Amy gets people. Her coaching practice is founded on an innate empathy, coupled with a highly developed scientific skillset in psychology. As a group facilitator, Amy has an impressive ability to simultaneously take in, understand and synthesise complex information while expertly moderating group discussions to get the most out of everyone in the room. I recommend Amy wholeheartedly, and look forward to working with her again in future.


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