The Safe Space

How to lead a courageous team

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Psychological safety is paramount for innovation, capitalising on diversity of thought, and connection with our work. Building teams that are capable of using trust and effective conversations is where we need to be in order to close the gap between what we could do and what we actually do.

We must also be able to stretch our behavioural range, drive ourselves towards our goals being vulnerable and courageous. How we do that will depend on how safe we are. By enabling The Safe Space within our team, we can use each other better to make more agile and responsive moves. 

In our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world, we must foster our human connection and collaboration for remarkable achievements. 

But how do you aide it? How do your behavioural and thinking habits limit your contribution to the collective? How does your behaviour enable others to bring their best game? How do you build a culture that enables true collaboration where the collective overrules the ego?

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For teams/organisations that wish to create The Safe Space for increased well-being, engagement and high-quality teamwork.

Across several stages, this program teaches participants how to create a safe space for themselves and how to create it for each other. The result is that they understand how to trigger their best self, and others best selves so that together they can push through the uncomfortable and grow.

Teams close the gap between what they could do and what they achieve.

Collective Intelligence Dr Amy Silver

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Responsible Behaviours to Maximise Collective Intelligence

The Safe Space made me reflect on my own habits and the way I help others be their best. I walked away with a closer attention to what I do with my own team and how best to influence them.
— Managing Director

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