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Amy has 30 and 45 minute prepared keynotes. She is warm, engaging and entertaining. She focuses the audience on the importance of human growth and she creates the space for reflection. She will make your audience think and connect with each other, priming them for behavioural activation and stretch.


SafeSpace Amy Silver speaking at ANZ

How to lead a courageous team

Psychological safety is paramount for innovation, capitalising on diversity of thought, and connection with our work. Building teams that are capable of using trust and effective conversations is where we need to be in order to close the gap between what we could do and what we actually do.

We must also be able to stretch our behavioural range, drive ourselves towards our goals being vulnerable and courageous. How we do that will depend on how safe we are. By enabling The Safe Space within our team, we can use each other better to make more agile and responsive moves. 

The currency of influence

Rapport, influence, communication

Your audience will understand how to maximise opportunities to create quality relationships and conversations. There are solutions to building rapport effectively that centre around our ability to lead and concede. This keynote describes the 9 skills that underlie the creation of trust so that we create opportunity in every conversation.

Amy silver speaking at RACV city Melbourne for St Johns.
Unconference Dr Amy Silver speaking

You have more power than you think

Influence, self development, bravery

This keynote inspires people to focus on their influence skills and centers on conviction, courage and consciousness of practice. The audience will leave with an understanding of how to tap into their most powerful behaviour and thinking styles. This keynote will help people tap into their power, celebrate themselves and fire themselves to go stronger and harder towards their goals!

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