The most important thing to get you what you want


When we work with others there is an overlap of what is in it for both of us.

This is true whether we are talking about two people, two divisions, two organisations or even us and our clients.

The overlap of what we both want indicates what we could do together. However, what we actually do together is not always the entirety of that overlap. Something else mediates it:Trust

Trust determines how much of the 'what we could do' together, we actually do together. 

Trust is your greatest tool in gaining more of what you want. 

If you are interested in actively building trust either within or between your teams, you may be interested in The Safe Space program. We are currently taking bookings for July 2019.



Amy helps teams use the psychology of groups to their advantage. Her programs drive connection, communication and courage for remarkable achievements. Please see The Safe Space and

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