Psychological Safety isn’t the precursor to a high performing team


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Psychological safety is super important for a high functioning team, and the reason that it’s helpful is that it enables us to do the difficult things that are required for a high performing team. 

A high performing team should be able to have difficult conversations successfully, they should be able to adapt or look for new ways of working, they should be able to work across barriers, with different teams or with people who have different ideas. These have the potential to be uncomfortable processes, made easier by psychological safety.

It is not the psychological safety in itself that is the precursor to a high performing team. If a team has psychological safety but no tolerance of discomfort you don't get growth, you get comfortable.

Psychological safety enables a team to successfully choose discomfort over comfort, and it is that choice that makes a high performing team.

As ever, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. 



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