How to keep yourself safe during change?

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How do we keep ourselves safe while experiencing immense work change?

Often we don’t choose change but change finds us. Assimilation into a new team, new leadership, new systems, new roles, new colleagues, new ways of working, new structures etc., all require a change in behaviour and a certain level of abandon.

We must abandon the search for the comfort of our past predictability, we must abandon some of our past thinking, some of our past behaviour.

And how can we risk leaving the past and moving into the future when we don’t know what the future really means for us? If we don’t know what it is, we don’t know what our choices are. How are we supposed to feel anything other than risk?

And yet...we must move forward in some way, else we become the very thing that creates our own unsuccessful future.

We must move forward in some way, else we become the very thing that creates our own unsuccessful future.

Here are a few things to ponder on:

1. Locate what you have choice about and what you don’t. In other words, what is in your control and what is out. It will help you spend your precious worrying time on things that you can solve rather than things you can't.

2. Focus on working through your assimilation stage as quickly as possible. The more you slow yourself down by blocking the inevitable, the harder you will find it. Be an early adaptor not a laggard.

3. Focus on what it is that creates a sense of grounding for you during this period. Like a helium balloon, you need to be tethered somewhere. Without deliberately focusing on what you tether to, you may find yourself tethering to nostalgia which won't be helpful right now.

4. Work on your connections. New worlds bring new people. Not the enemy. Stay curious and rigorously seek human connections across any barriers.

5. Work on your communication. What non-verbals or even verbals are you using that create further 'us' and 'them' thinking or behaviour for you and for others around you. Keep focused on being the best version of you, which is open-hearted and lovely (I know I'm assuming, but we're connected right, so you know, I'm assuming!).

6. Oh, I have a heap more…come ask me. I’m currently working with 3 organisations going through intense change and I have lots to say about this and ways to help. Not just how you keep yourself safe, but how you lead others, how you create safety for your teams…..ask Ellen on if you want to talk about a program of work that I know helps people and efficiency, and we will set up a time to talk.

And…if you’re in Sydney on 1st November, I am talking about this very thing for all the people going through change in the public sector….How we can work better together during change.

As ever, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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