Get Whatever You Want in 2019


There is little you can’t do if you want. Really, very little. Your mind is smart and your body is privileged. Often, we think of ourselves as not capable to do something when the truth is we just haven't ruthlessly prioritised it. 

So, as you start your year, be honest with yourself.

Rather than listing your resolutions or ‘I wants’, look for your priorities (they’re usually pretty big things like family, love, independence, recognition, health etc). And then look at what you are prepared to sacrifice to get that top priority. Here are some questions I would ask you if you had given me permission to ask…

1)     What needs to be compromised to get your priority? Are you OK with that?
2)     Do you need to sacrifice any of your priorities for your top one? Is that OK with you?
3)     If you can't choose one priority over and above all others, how are you going to modify what success looks like (or are you expecting the same success as if you had a singular priority *hint: watch out for distraction and disappointment*)? 

Get whatever you want in 2019 by being honest with yourself about exactly what you do want, ruthlessly prioritise, and go get it.

As ever, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. 


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