All You Need is Consciousness and Courage

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Being conscious and courageous is pretty much the only things you need if you want to be a better person.

·       Do you know how you are triggered into behaviours that are helpful or not helpful?

·       Can you read other people’s behaviour?

·       Are you brave enough to take responsibility for yourself?

·       Are you brave enough to take responsibility for leading another person’s behaviour?

That’s it.

Of course, you may want to add in some conviction about what it is you are trying to do, short term and long term. But essentially, if you want to be better at pretty much anything, work on your consciousness and your courageousness.


Here's what's happening over the next few weeks for us..

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Public workshop: Successful performance reviews for people managers (Sydney and Melbourne) - tickets can be purchased here 

As the end of financial year approaches, performance reviews are also on the way for most companies. I am running a program for people managers in both Sydney and Melbourne that can help you prepare for your upcoming reviews. Take time to ask yourself: Are you courageous enough to give better performance reviews?

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Amy helps teams use the psychology of groups to their advantage. Her programs drive connection, communication and courage for remarkable achievements. Please see The Safe Space and

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