How much could you work together?

I draw the diagram above (you may need to display images) to show people why it's so worthwhile to focus on trust. It works when I show it to organisations in relation to their customers; managers and their direct reports; leaders and their employees; colleagues and their stakeholders; anyone with anyone.

If you want to do more together, focus on trust. The green represents the wasted opportunites where we could be doing more to help each other but we just don't trust each other enough to make it happen. We want more of the lovely pink that shows us how much we actually do together. That pink triangle will increase as that trust bubble moves up. So, perhaps worth a quick thought:

  • What is possible if you grow the trust with your customers, direct reports, stakeholders or employees?

  • How much more satisfying for all would it be if that pink triangle took more of the green area?

  • How do the conversations currently being had, increase or decrease trust?

  • What's your plan to increase it? [Here's a tip: don't say 'time' is the plan, there are much quicker ways]

Amy shows organisations how to have effective conversations that activate growth. To find out more about this, please see (free whitepapers to download).

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