7 top tips if you are a people manager running a performance review

  1. The performance review is an opportunity to enable growth for your direct reports. Most people don’t report the performance review as a growth point and most businesses don't view it as a commercial growth point either. Spend time preparing for each meeting. Focus your preparation on what you can do to foster growth, rather than spending all your time gathering information. This is a conversation where your behaviour will influence growth, engagement and performance so remember which way you want it to go.
  2. Look for and discuss what inspires your colleague to grow. Without understanding their motivation to move forward you will struggle to find a way to sustain drive.
  3. Have you given them enough information to understand their current performance and how this relates to their goals? Feedback is part of this, but not all. What else do they need to understand?
  4. Do you understand what support you will give personally (or elsewhere) to enable the growth desired? Have options to take in to the meeting but co-designed solutions will be most helpful.
  5. Are you prepared to receive feedback from your direct report in the meeting (or at anytime). Can you do this without your ego blocking it with unhelpful emotions? Can you use it as a way of increasing your comprehension of the situation and how you might be able to help? Remember your focus should be on your own growth as an effective leader.
  6. Consider the performance review as a reflection on the effectiveness of your conversations throughout the year. If the conversation is difficult in anyway, this will be an indication that you need to work on effective ongoing conversations around growth, engagement and performance.
  7. Are you both clear on how you will track the behavioural (observable) changes discussed so you can check in tomorrow/next week/next month on growth?

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