Top Tip If You Want to Help People Grow

For growth to happen, a certain amount of hard work is required.
When helping others to grow, we assume the level of perspiration it takes.  Our assumption can be wrong; we can assume it is harder than it will be which will introduce our own emotional layers. For example we may try and protect the person from our perceived risk, but this can limit their learning. Or perhaps we protect them from the imagined pain of receiving feedback which could limit their comprehension. 

At the other end of the spectrum, we may assume it will be easier for them to change than it actually is. Here we will bring a whole heap of false expectations and irritation when the apparent easy change doesn't occur. Or we may miss the opportunity to praise and reward if we see the change but underestimate the perspiration it required.

Both over and under assuming the perspiration required for their growth will limit how much you can help them grow.
If you want to help people grow, one of your roles is to support their perspiration. But keep in mind you are supporting their perspiration, not what yours would be or what you imagine it will b. Change is hard, but only they can define how hard. Check your assumption to create growth for both of yo.

Growth = inspiration + comprehension + perspiration

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