Be the best version of you

Amy runs

  • PowerUp group workshops for leaders and potential leaders (please contact us);

  • PowerUp for Executives (one on one) program (see brochure).

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These programs are for those who want to:

  • Influence and inspire others

  • Feel confident they are accessing the best version of themselves

  • Get in control of their reactions or choices so they drive towards the achievements that matter

  • Do more quicker

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"Amy's material is focused on personal change for professional excellence through coaching and group training which demands exploration of self. She also encourages participants to "get out of their comfort zone" and she has an ability to create relationships quickly with bright leaders. Her depth of knowledge of psychology, human behaviour, emotional intelligence, business, and change is excellent. I personally found Amy's material to be extremely useful and very much enjoyed participating in the coaching workshops. I have since used the learning’s with good effect. I would recommend using Amy's services particularly where you are wanting to develop leadership and build and enhance the culture in the organisation."

Bruce, Executive Managing Partner

"Amy understands how to help people bring all they have to the table. She can quickly see how people limit themselves and in a non-threatening way, pushes them to give more. We have seen revenue increase by 37% YTD. In addition to this staff engagement has increased and attendance has been the best it’s seen since the business inception. Due to the dramatic uplift in all areas, we as a business have committed to use Amy for the whole of 2019."

Darren, Executive Director