Dr Amy Silver conversations create growth book

Would you like to download the first two chapter’s of Dr Amy Silver’s book - Conversations Create Growth?

This book is for managers who want to make a difference to the lives of those who report to them. How do you have good conversations that click every time and with everyone? How do you contribute to the engagement of your direct reports? How do you ensure you contribute to their growth, and in turn, to yours?

Power Up Dr Amy Silver

Download the discussion paper on - How to Influence?

This paper is about different types of leaders, how to enable exceptional leaderships, the challenges of sticky work and the steps you can take today to powerful influence and impact beyond your title.

Conversations create growth Dr Amy Silver

Download the discussion paper on - How to have better conversations with my direct reports?

How to drive the performance and engagement with our direct reports is the crucial task of leadership. If you haven’t spent much time thinking about the skill of conversations and how to influence those around you so your collective performance is remarkable, download this paper and find out more.

Collective Intelligence Dr Amy Silver

Download the discussion paper on - Maximising Collective Intelligence?

Build your knowledge of how psychological safety and courage drive teaming behaviours in your team. How do we build accountability and responsibility for team excellence. This paper talks about the wasted time, wasted energy and the angst that distracts and disengages us if we don’t get it right.