Deep Dive For Executive Teams

For teams who want sustainable growth for your forthcoming year
through great alignment and action in the Executive Leadership Team

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Using powerful relationship building expertise, Amy creates a safe space for Executives to understand the quality of their ‘teaming’. Using quantitative and qualitative exploration individual and aggregated reports are created. Several dimensions are covered including trust, transparency, reliability and connectivity. These are used to as a the first part of an Executive away day that powerfully raises the collective intelligence of the group.

We engaged Amy to help us understand the blocks and strengths for our growing business. Amy conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders across our business, and with each Partner. She created a comprehensive report which highlighted the critical issues that needed progress and decisions. She facilitated our strategy enabling us to talk through our ideas, concerns and what we need to aim for…Because of our work with Amy we are now in a position to move forward
— Paul, CEO