Maximising Collective Intelligence

Building safety, trust and flexibility for teams and large collectives

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High performing teams have 22% better performance when it comes to implementation and 6.5% greater profitability. Information processing, innovation and better service will be negatively impacted by ineffective communication, poor accountability to each other and lack of clarity over the direction of the team. Collective intelligence beats average intelligence, and a team must learn how to maximise it. Teams that have high trust have 74% less stress, 106% more energy, 50% more productivity, and are 73% more engaged. 

Recent workshop testimonial

I particularly enjoyed the format of the program that allowed each individual to personally reflect & get more perspective on how the ‘VUCA’ world demands more flexibility in not only thinking & behaviour but how it also calls for a deeper connection between us as a team. The Safe Space program enabled us to grow through honest conversations, feedback & honest dispassionate reflection about what we each needed to do in order to help each other be the best they can be. It revealed some key focus areas for us as a team, & gave us all a better positive approach that we could confidently forge a successful future as a high performing team. I strongly recommend The Safe Space for anyone who is genuinely looking to improve a more resilient & sustainable team culture.
— David Martin, Director - Vic Roads

Safe Spaces Dr Amy Silver

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