Leadership Team Activation 

"We engaged Amy to help us understand the blocks and strengths for our growing business. Amy conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders across our business, and with each Partner. She created a comprehensive report which highlighted the critical issues that needed progress and decisions. This meant when we met for our Partner strategy day, we were in a good position to cut through to needed actionable items rather than spending time on a review.  She facilitated our strategy enabling us to talk through our ideas, concerns and what we need to aim for in order for our business to continue in its succession. Because of our work with Amy we are now in a position to move forward in our succession plan and ensure that each step to achieve our goals are met." Paul, Founder

The willingness and capacity to have conversations that go deeper than the surface will directly relate to your capacity to create sustainable growth.  

  • For teams who want sustainable growth for your forthcoming year through great alignment and action.
  • For teams who realise that high capability conversations are essential to activation and implementation of growth plans