"Amy understands how to help people bring all they have to the table. She can quickly see how people limit themselves and in a non-threatening way, pushes them to give more. We have seen revenue increase by 37% YTD. In addition to this staff engagement has dramatically increased and attendance has been the best it’s seen since the business inception. Due to the dramatic uplift in all areas, we as a business have committed to use Amy for the whole of 2017." Darren, Director

The willingness and capability to have conversations that create growth will determine the success and the relevance of your enterprise

•Do you feel like you are maximising the potential of your team?

•Are they engaged with their work?

•Are you driving growth in your organisation at the pace you need and with the connection across teams that you need?

•Are you caught in dealing with distracting people issues?

•Can you rely on your managers to lead performance growth?

If you want to maximise the capability of your team, you will need to understand how to create a culture of performance growth. 

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Amy works with your teams and leaders to ensure effective conversations that lead to people growth. Effective conversations are at the heart of engagement, efficiency and performance. 

What is required for sustainable and relevant growth is inspiration, clarification and support. Do you have a culture that grows people?  These programs are: 

  • For managers and leaders who want to create an environment where everyone can give their best and be happy doing so.

  • For cultures that want to shift and capitalise on a growth mindset

  • For those who believe in the value of internal trust, accountability and empowerment

See below for complimentary white paper on Conversations Create Growth: How to propel the performance and engagement of your direct reports

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